New Update about My Paths


Hello, it’s me Yuri from Euro El Sav.

weriI am the cousin of the site owner, and they asked me to write a blog about my journeys because there haven’t been any postings here in a while. So I hope this will help you through a hard time. Let me tell you about the days in the life of me.

What does my day look like

I am a courier driver, which means I work with the company known as Direct Messenger Service. Sunrise, Fl is the city with which I am stationed, and I typically do drives from anywhere in South Florida but this particular week has been very difficult.

You see we only deal in very specific legal or medical documents. So I had this client today who deals in Florida Keys Realty. They need me to send these documents to them by the end of the weekend. So as I am waiting at the rest stop today I am typing this well on my way to meet them at some key.

meriThe destination is Key Largo. So my job is to take up their document from their primary destination and the deliver it to where it needs to be in The keys. So I have roughly a few hours to make this trip, which is indeed what I am doing.

Besides that, it’s as simple as that. All we are doing is picking up documents and delivering them to their responsible areas. I’m not sure if that has been much of help to you, but these are the struggles I do with every day.

When I am not doing that, I am at my home in Lauderdale Lakes with my brothers and one sister, who is usually working at the hospital either way. IT’s a fun job if you can hack it, but for the most part, it’s just a job.

How I Became a Professional Stylist

Professional Stylist

Atlanta GeorgiaI started playing with hair at a young age. My mother had a collection of wigs that she used for when she went out on her Aveda selling spree in our hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. My mother didn’t bother doing up her hair because she said it took too much time. And she used to work in a salon, so she would style her wigs. She had four wigs. There was a black one, a blonde one, a brunette and a red one. And they each had names. She felt that giving them names let her embody the character of the wig. The black one was called Amy; the blonde one was Lindsay; the brunette was Jessica, and the red one was Sophia. It was fun to watch because she did really change when she wore the different wigs. It might have been the fact that she enjoyed acting when she was younger. She starred in several school plays, and she wanted to be an actress. But, she had me instead. I sometimes felt bad because I felt like I was the reason she had to stop pursuing her dreams. I told her this once and she told me to never think that way. She gets to live her dream through the characters she embodies on a daily basis, but one thing that doesn’t change is how much I mean to her. I really have the best Mom.

Best-hair-dryer-with-comb-attachmentShe started teaching me tricks on teasing hair, blow-drying hair and how to use a comb properly. So, she bought me a wig of my own to practice on because she didn’t want me ruining hers. But, what she didn’t know when she left the house was that I would put the wigs on and try to embody the characters she had created. I would put on her pearls and dance around the house to music from Hairspray (our favorite musical). Amy was my favorite wig because it was the big, beehive hair you saw in the 1960s. One day when she went out, I put on a dress of hers, a pair of red high-heels, the hair, the pearl necklace and earrings, and I tried my hand at makeup. I put the blonde wig on this time because I wanted to look like Marilyn Monroe. I even drew the little freckle above my lip to look more like her. I danced around to “I Wanna Be Loved By You.” My mom walked right back into the house about 20 minutes after she had left to find me dressed as Marilyn. And to my surprise she didn’t mind that I was dressed as a girl. She didn’t slap me, hit me or anything. She smiled and told me that I have never looked prettier. She dropped her purse, started the record over and started dancing and lipsyncing with me. That is my fondest memory of my mother. She never once made me feel like an outsider and always accepted me for whatever foolish act I was endeavoring in at the time. She was my rock.

StylistMy mother was my inspiration to get a job as a professional stylist. I moved away when I was 18 years old and moved in with my Aunt in Hollywood, Florida. And that’s where she helped me get a job at Allure Hair Salon. She knew the owner and that was my first step to becoming a stylist. I learned everything I know at Allure, and I moved on to starting my own hair salon back in Atlanta after four years with Allure. I moved back in with my Mom because I wanted to help her the way she helped me. About three years later, my mother would pass from breast cancer. And I decided to sell the salon and move. I didn’t want to be in Atlanta anymore. I didn’t want to be on the East Coast anymore. So, I packed up and moved to California. I worked in a high end salon in Beverly Hills, and I met my life and business partner there. We started our own hair salon on Rodeo Drive. It has been 15 years since we opened the salon and I couldn’t be happier. I only wish my mother could be here to see how happy and successful I am. I like to think she knows. But, I miss her wise words. And most of all, I miss dancing with her.

Constant Moving


7515274_sAs a flight attendant, I got to travel very often. It was the only reason why I took the job in the first place. I knew that I wouldn’t get the chance to stay very long in the countries I would visit, but I would get the opportunity to fly quite often. The dream first started when my family and I traveled to London for the first time when I was about eight years old. I loved the experience of being on the plane, and I loved how happy all the attendants were. I told my mom that I was going to be one of them one day, and she told me that means that I wouldn’t see my family much. At the time, that made me instantly change my mind about wanting to be a flight attendant.

But right out of college, I found it hard to get a job with my liberal arts degree and so I jumped at the chance to make that eight-year old’s dream come true. So, I applied for the job, did the training and certification program and got the job at Delta. My mother told me that she knew it would one day happen. She said I used to play with my dolls and act as their attendant as a child, so it was inevitable in her mind. But, she was more upset that I had to move to Atlanta than she was with my constant flying.

5523406_s Moving from Houston to Dallas was going to be a long drive, and I had no interest in making that drive or asking friends and family to help me. So, I called Hercules Movers & Packers because my family had used them when we moved from Dallas. They gave me a good quote because I didn’t have much to move. Plus, I was moving into a studio in Atlanta. I packed my belongings and flew out to Atlanta and met them there because I sold my car to pay for the move. I figured if I was going to be in the air half the time, what was the purpose of even owning a car.

But after several years of being a flight attendant, I just couldn’t take the constant haranguing from the passengers. I quit and decided to take a job as part of the airport control team for Delta. I’m much happier not dealing with passengers even if the job itself is more stressful. It’s at least challenging and every day is a new adventure. Plus, I can travel whenever I like and actually stay in the country of my choosing now.