New Update about My Paths


Hello, it’s me Yuri from Euro El Sav.

weriI am the cousin of the site owner, and they asked me to write a blog about my journeys because there haven’t been any postings here in a while. So I hope this will help you through a hard time. Let me tell you about the days in the life of me.

What does my day look like

I am a courier driver, which means I work with the company known as Direct Messenger Service. Sunrise, Fl is the city with which I am stationed, and I typically do drives from anywhere in South Florida but this particular week has been very difficult.

You see we only deal in very specific legal or medical documents. So I had this client today who deals in Florida Keys Realty. They need me to send these documents to them by the end of the weekend. So as I am waiting at the rest stop today I am typing this well on my way to meet them at some key.

meriThe destination is Key Largo. So my job is to take up their document from their primary destination and the deliver it to where it needs to be in The keys. So I have roughly a few hours to make this trip, which is indeed what I am doing.

Besides that, it’s as simple as that. All we are doing is picking up documents and delivering them to their responsible areas. I’m not sure if that has been much of help to you, but these are the struggles I do with every day.

When I am not doing that, I am at my home in Lauderdale Lakes with my brothers and one sister, who is usually working at the hospital either way. IT’s a fun job if you can hack it, but for the most part, it’s just a job.