Bringing Your Dad to School


It was “Bring Your Dad to School Day” at my middle school, Upper Darby High School, and I was so excited for everyone to meet my Dad. He was a real estate agent in Beverly Hills. He worked with a lot of big clients and got to meet quite a few celebrities. I once got to meet my hero at the time, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I had asked my Dad to bring him to school, but he told me he couldn’t do that because Mr. Johnson was out of town. I remember being disappointed about that because I wanted to show up Tommy Kingfield’s Dad who was the chief fireman in Beverly Hills. He brought a Dalmatian to school.

Nevertheless, my Dad blew everyone away with what he said about his work. He showed them pictures of the houses he had sold to celebrities. And then in the middle of his show and tell, he got a phone call. He was all smiles and told the person on the phone to park in the back and come to room 112. All the kids whispered amongst each other and tried to figure out who might be coming. My Dad winked at me and then a silhouette covered the glass on the door. We waited anxiously for the door to prop open. The door handle clicked and the door started to open. And in walked The Rock! My Dad introduced him to the class and then he asked me to step up to meet my hero.

I got out of my seat, headed toward The Rock and I shook his hand. His hand was bigger than both my hands stacked on top of each other. I only came up to his belly button because he was so tall! He then told the class about how my Dad had helped him find the perfect home for his family. And he told me that I had the best Dad in the world and I replied, “I know.” We then all took a class photo with The Rock and he signed a few autographs and gave us WWE merchandise. And just as he was about to leave, he told us he had one more surprise. The door opened and other wrestlers walked in! Triple H, The Hardy Boyz, Brock Lesnar and Kane. I kid you not, everyone’s mouths fell to the floor. We were all in awe of the wrestlers because they were our heroes! They stuck around and took pictures with everyone, signed autographs and gave out more merchandise. When the teacher asked who wanted to be a real estate agent like my Dad, everyone raised their hands.

16 years since then, I have followed in my father’s footsteps, somewhat. I decided to become a real estate agent at first, but then I realized I didn’t love it. I then tried my hand at modeling and I found that it wasn’t for me either, so I went back into being a real estate agent. But, this time, I decided I was going to find investors to build communities. I found investors and we decided on hiring Acamas Civil Engineering to handle our planning and development in Florida. After selling out all the homes, we decided to invest once more and build a 55+ community that once again sold out. From there, we moved onto building several more communities and today we have developed and sold over 10 communities.